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    Elf Camp

    The ring has been destroyed! Grats rank 15 berryx!

    We can all go home now. Berryx has taken the ring to Mordor after been given the strength from the roots of the Ettenmoors only after acquiring the highest and most honorable rank of Captain General. Only through strong determination and valour can one reach such a prestigious...okay done with the role playing, grats on 15 newb. The time devoted and countless hours leading our kin, you certainly deserve it. From your favorite boy hobbit <3

    Tambaz warden of Meneldor

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    Congratz berry on all the hard work! Long time coming and well deserved! <3

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    GRATS BERRY!!!! Most fun running around throwing javelins around with you <3


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    Congratulations Berry great achievement, mah tahgit works wonders! <3

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    Yay!!! Congrat to our fearless leader, Berry!

    It's been a pleasure killing creeps with you!

    All Hail!

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    Aaw thanks guys. <3

    Been working on this for just over 5 years, would like to thank a few people for some things:

    Firstly to Shaedrane, thank you for keeping me sane through the bs.
    To Rebriel, for always putting things into perspective.
    Arlindae, for being there when stuff got bad.
    Tambaz, Daylil and Accursed, my sexy wardens, thank you for making me laugh.
    Avirgiel, Elyxo, Aggron, Favir, Barangil, Mario, Jack, Skarllet.. there are so many people that have healed my butt, I can't thank you enough for the help. Being a hunter can really suck sometimes out there, you made my pvp less painful. <3
    To my entire kin, Solstice, for all the fun. I'm proud of you guys.

    To freepside:

    Thanks to the Rev, I always noticed the Delving buffs and appreciate them, even if they weren't for me, we all reaped the rewards so thank you. I'm working on paying it forward.
    Thralos, Sarbor, Zorlin, Fozzie, you guys are always out there, thanks for the heals and focus fire.
    To all of freepside, I know sometimes it can seem like no one wants to group, don't be afraid to take the lead and put a group together, send me tells and I will do what I can to flank the creeps or provide back up. Stick with it, I was once a beginner freep struggling to find a group too. (I'm a noob for life! :P)

    To creepside:

    Thanks for the fights, and thanks to all of you for sticking with it. I know how frustrating it can be atm. It will get better, keep up the hard work.
    Thank you to Arcanum, Seek and Destroy, and Inbreeds for the fights. Open field ftw.
    Thank you to Starkurm, Cheifoak, Bowlash and every other 1v1 addicted creep, cheers for the fun.

    Here's some screenshots. Enjoy, and see you out there.

    Love Berry xxx

    Berryx - Rank 15 - Meneldor

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    Congratulations, R15 is a dedicated slog.
    . Katkilla, Leader - In Breeds
    *Here's a shout to all the tasty WargSnack(tm) out there!*

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    Berry is a Baws

    Congrats to my dearest Berry!! Ur a bad ### and completely deserving! Captain General baby! I'll follow that sun anywhere <3333

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    That is very nice Berry, im proud of how you! I hope you know that.
    tjocko r9 rk

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    N. Gate, Grams
    Quote Originally Posted by Rebriel View Post
    I'll follow that sun anywhere

    True story...
    Ridduk R14 WL



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