An issue that has been brought to my attention by the ever revealing Mustelids is the disturbing frequency of which psychotic narcalepts have been disrupting social scenes. This is a great problem, many poor children and their equivalents have been shouted at, then disturbed as the aggressive psychopath falls asleep in a heap next to them. One simply cannot go out from one's cheerful cult meetinghouse without being assailed in such a manner as has been discribed previously.

This dimension is not safe, the dark Mustelids are responsible, the blackest ones that try to hide their dark intents with the charictaristical white stripe along the spine. I am taking up a collection of cheerful buddies to counter this assault. To help you dimension, become my friend. I love you all, so very much, so very very much. The sky opens before me, see the benevolent beasts descending, they are here to save us.

Moderators, I love you all, do not do away with my important message, this issue cannot be ignored. My duty is clear, I am falling, flying and sprinting to the 8th.