So I recently started thinking about returning to LOTRO after a lot of time being away. I am sure that only a handful of you even remember me. In the past 3 days I have logged off and on throughout the day to spectate, play and to try and get a feel of the moors. It seems to me that the moors is pretty uneventful.
What I mean by that is, the only time there is any action is during primetime on weekends. If I log on any time except on weekends it is either creeps getting face rolled or vice versa.

I am not one of those people who can spend 6 hours of my day waiting for a good fight to start...not any more anyway.

It also seems that (at least creepside) there is that classic elitist attitude. Where high ranks only group with high ranks. Now I understand all the reasons why this is and I get it, no one likes a useless tag along....but here is the truth. I need my audacity to compete. I need kills to get audacity. So, I can either hope for an invite into a group, or I am forced to leech.

But here is my question. Is it worth coming back and putting all this effort into ranking up and building my audacity... if I can only do it as a casual gamer? Since I dont have the time to constantly be on, is it worth playing?
Judging by how things have always gone in the past, i'm beginning to think LOTRO is the same as it ever was, if not worse.


p.s - I am thinking it would be much easier and faster to just play freepside again. Because at least I can grind a little easier.