First of all: I'm not sure if this is the right section, this forum doesn't have any clear "Hardware discussion/support" section.
This is also my first post, so sorry if I do something wrong.
On to the point:
I have a $150 budget for a new case. I'd prefer to spend as little as possible, but I also want to get a good case.
I recently had to replace my power supply because the old one died, and my case was so cramped that I had to remove the optical drive bay just to access the hard drive cages to route the molex cable through there.
My current specifications are:
Processor: AMD FX 8150
Motherboard: Gigabyte 2AC8 (Micro ATX, AMD 970 chipset)
Memory: 10GB (2x4gb, 1x2gb) unknown brand, 1066MHz
Hard drive: Hitachi HDS723020BLA642 SCSI
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7950
Power Supply: SeaSonic M12II Bronze 620w
I was looking at the NZXT Phantom Series (Specifically the 530), but I have a few questions:
My current case is pretty small (A Micro ATX mid-tower), and the rear audio port plugs are just 5 inch extension cables, will this work with a full tower case like the Phantom 530, or do I have to buy cables?
Are there any other large mid tower/small full tower cases that you'd recommend? (Remember, it needs Micro ATX motherboard support)
Thanks for the help.