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    Angry LOTRO often excluding non US-based players...

    What is Turbine's reason to exclude non-US based players from certain stuff? Like now, with the ''Leveling Contest''... I was thinking, cool, something new, refreshing to have a chance on. Then a friend (from the UK) pointed me on the Terms And Conditions wich basically said ''US Only'', while there are so much players outside of the US... What to think of the German servers? And the French servers? And all other players that are simply not American...

    Turbine already give me the feeling they ''forgot'' or simply don't care about us with the announcement that the ticket for part 2 of The Hobbit, that is given out when upgrading Helms Deep preorder to Legendary Edition, is only valid in the USA...

    It wouldn't surprise me if Turbine wouldn't even be able to keep LOTRO up if they didn't have the non-US based players to earn money on. We pay for LOTRO too, many of us are vip and we too buy expansions. Then why not bothering about us? Why always treating the US-based players as first priority?

    And still posting it in French and German on Facebook, does Turbine really think all those German- and French-speaking player live in the USA?

    Stuff like this, is why non-US based players are getting tired of LOTRO and Turbine's ''pranks''...

    *Edit* Just heard that in the French and German Terms And Conditions is written that you have to be a resident of either France or Germany. That does still exclude many other countries.
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    According to the rules (in French and German), it's also available to players who are residents of France (and Corsica and Monaco) and Germany.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredelas View Post
    According to the rules (in French and German), it's also available to players who are residents of France (and Corsica and Monaco) and Germany.
    This. The contest is not restricted to US only.

    Also, as we mention every time we have any kind of giveaway or contest, the laws involved in making these types of things possible in every country in the world are complex, conflicting, and in some cases the laws in one country may actually mean that contest becomes illegal in another. Not because it says they out law contests from one country or another, but because the laws that make it legal in one country may make it illegal in another.



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