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    Lords of a Fallen Empire (LOAFE) is recruiting on the Arkenstone server!

    LOAFE is a 4 year old kinship on the Arkenstone server and we are opening our doors to players of all levels and experiences to join us! We have a family and friends related atmosphere, all members are welcome to be themselves and have a good time. We craft, skirmish, group, instance and raid together. We have an out of game chat client, team speak 3 as well as a website that is used daily to update on events and happenings within the kinship. We also have several forums which are used to keep players up to date. We do not restrict our players to log in or force people to level their characters, LOAFE is a casual and relaxed kinship and people may play their characters as they see fit. Everyone is given equal opportunities to join in on kinship events and raids, and we try to encourage our new recruits to join in and get to know everyone! For further inquiries or information please send mail to me here, visit our website www.lordsofafallenempire.guildlaunch.com (apply to kinship via website) or you may IMS me in game on Cura. Thank you for taking the time to review this page!

    A list of officers you may contact in game are follows Cura/Darkenrah, Lyravven/Nemara, Eryndar, Rangewraith, Dorhelm, Tarikili, Mangurth and Beverhien.
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    Re: Lords of a Fallen Empire (LOAFE) is recruiting on the Arkenstone server!

    We are still actively recruiting all classes, races, levels and experience! If you are a player, unhappy on your current server, you can always change to the Arkenstone server! We are a very friendly, active and welcoming kinship - we will help you craft, gear yourself up, put some bling on your character and help set you in the right direction! Please visit our website for more information; www.lordsofafallenempire.guildlaunch.com and thanks again for viewing this thread!

    We are doing the Draigoch raid weekly as well as the six man instances and skirmishes!

    We have added to our calendar, we are doing weekly Ettenmoors nights every thursday, so you can go freep or creep side and kill the opposing forces! you can even kill eachother

    We are also doing all the wings of ToO and sarumon!

    We schedule some of the lower level instances into our calendar, ie. The Turtle raid, Watcher Raid, ND, Ost Dunhoth and Barad Guldur.
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    Currently we are recruiting for all classes, you do not have to be at level cap to join our kin, we are always willing to lend helping hands for quests and/or questions

    Everyone in our kin has equal opportunities for status advancements, so if you are looking for more of a leadership role but don't want to be "the" leader, you may find a comfy spot among our ranks and still be able to host and lead instances and raids for the kin!

    If you apply to our kinship via our website www.lordsofafallenempire.guildlaunch.com you may gain access to our charter and forums!

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    Throwing my .02 cents in.

    Most likely kin on Arkenstone to do some serious raiding when raid content releases. We already run 12m Skirmishes and are looking for more people to raid and socialize with*. If your looking for a social kin, we have an active TS server with some crazy people in it. So don't be shy :P

    *Socialize at your own risk hahaah

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    We are still recruiting for all classes; most needed classes currently are high level captains, lore-masters, burglars, rune-keepers and Guardians!

    Thank you again for viewing this thread! See you in Middle Earth.


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    Are you still accepting all level toons ? I am a returning player but I will be starting from scratch on Arkenstone, thanks for your time!!

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    Thank you for your post! Yes we are accepting all levels of characters, new and old See your inbox for further information that I have sent to you. See you in game!


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    LOAFE is casually recruiting players who are interested in joining a fun, relaxed kinship - we are focusing on ALL content at this time and are always open to doing some of the lower level instances/skirmishes and raids too.

    Msg any of our officers in game or submit reply to this thread. You may visit our website and submit an application there too. www.lordsofafallenempire.guildlaunch.com

    See you in Middle Earth soon!

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    Not recruiting

    LOAFE is not recruiting at this time.

    Thank you



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