I've just recently come back to the game after taking some time off and I'm trying to squeeze the last drop of life out of my old rig. It's an old home-built machine running Windows XP, single-core processor, 4GB ram, Radeon HIS 4850, Corsair SSD, Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P mobo with onboard Realtek sound. This is the same rig on which I was running LOTRO for a number of years without any problems.

Yesterday I did a completely fresh install of Windows XP (after secure-erasing the SSD and reformatting it), and I downloaded and installed the LOTRO client. Started it up, let it update and patch; logged in, selected character, enter game world.... I'm in the game world for about two seconds and then the entire PC crashes.

This is happening every. Single. Time.

So far (based on threads I've found here the forum), I have tried the "3GB userva" trick, I've tried recreating the display settings (userpreferences) file, I've tried lowering the speed on the game engine...nothing is working.

Keep in mind that other than Google Chome (which I downloaded because I can't stand IE8), and the driver/utility software for the Radeon card and my DVD drive - there is literally nothing else installed on the PC. Just LOTRO.

I was able to play LOTRO on this machine - running XP - for years.

Now it seems like it's impossible to do so. Or is there another reason for this crashing? Any suggestions, other than "buy a new computer?"