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    Sep 2010

    Goodbye to everyone.

    I am going to bed, see you next weekend or maybe earlier.

    Also I was reading some old threads that I participated and noticed a lot of hate from my part towards some people, like Ithilius for example. I just want say to him I am sorry and to make it clear that I don't hate any of you guys that I so much love to harass.

    That being said I want to let you all know that I love every single person from this server, all the creeps, freeps, my few and very good friends, my enemies, the people that hate me, the people that like me, the people who are gone from this server or game and even Donvlad. I hope we all keep having good times and a lot of fun.

    Will be back soon for corpse jumps, all OP flips, 1v1 ganks and overall trolling.


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    You will be missed Gall. Just make sure to bring more news of wars that the US has lost (pretty much all of them), and more Game of Thrones spoilers for next season when you come back.

    RIP the most beloved player on Dwarrowdelf.

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    This thread has induced diarrhea upon me.

    Less Than Three~ Thunderboltz

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    Knowing Gall....not sure if this is serious thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Estalen View Post
    Knowing Gall....not sure if this is serious thread.
    Eh doubtful considering I saw him out today on his BA...and spider...and warg.
    Freeps @ Dwarrowdelf: r10 Mini
    Creeps @ Dwarrowdelf: r11 Reaver, r10 Warg, r9 Defiler, r9 Spider, r8 WL, r8 BA

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    Aug 2011
    New Zealand
    Love you too, Gall
    {Evogrin R11 warden} {Evogash R9 warg} +wayy too many others R6-8! Though I do not play lotro anymore, thank you to everyone who made this game so much fun all those years! God bless!

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    Hey Gall i'll stay and play creep(only creep) once in a while. See ya whenever possible so we can gank/farm some OP freeps.

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    Not sure if trolling or being serious? *glances around* i luv you 2 smelly! i will revenge my rks death!



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