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    Crafting Kinships

    The LotRO Crafting System is set up to necessitate interdependence between the vocations. This in turn, helps to nurture more effective communication and meaningful interaction between players. Crafting better equips characters, furthermore, to complete task objectives, and can greatly enhance all other aspects of the game. Crafting can slow down the game's pace considerably, however, and for this reason is sometimes neglected or altogether overlooked. Nevertheless, crafting remains an integral part of LotRO which can uniquely broaden one's understanding of the game's mechanics.

    I am curious to learn more about Crafting Kinships out there. I understand that this is not the Kinship Forum, so I apologize in advance. Due to the specificity of this subject, it seems better purposed here.

    If you belong to a Crafting Kinship:

    - Did you come to understand crafting as being important to you before deciding to find others who shared your enthusiasm?
    - Did you start your own kinship with crafting as your primary directive, and was this the result of not finding a suitable kinship?
    - What is the name of your kinship and what server are you on?
    - What does your kinship do to leverage the burden of grinding, especially with regard to Unsupported Professions?
    - Is helping to facilitate the distribution of resources important to your kinship?
    - How is crafting progress measured by your kinship, if at all, and how does crafting effect or direct any requirements that may be set by your kinship?

    Thank you for your time.
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