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    What is the best class?

    I know that question is very general, but I want people to give me reasons why they think a certain class is the best. I have a 31 warden, a 32 lore master, and I just started a runekeeper. Sadly, these are the only characters I've ever played. From my experience (which probably isn't worth very much), it seems that many classes (burglar, captain, minstrel ect.) tend to be "squishier" than classes that can heal themselves, or regurally do. The runekeeper can provide damage and heal its fellows; the warden deals DoT and can also minorly heal itself, and the lore-master debuffs the heck out of its opponents. I am getting bored with these classes, specifically the lore master. Can someone please identify the next best class?

    P.S. Please don't say it's all about my playing style. I like killing but not being killed.

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    So I understand that you said not to say its about the play style, but it is. That being said, for your playstyle of killing but not being killed, i definitely recommend a heavier class, particularly Guardian or Warden. both have amazing survivability, and those Warden "minor" self heals you talk about are actually not so minor when you get to later levels. I have a warden and can pretty much solo and landscape fellowship quest. I've found that when the Warden is played right, its basically unkillable.

    Then again, warden isn't for everyone and also the upcoming class changes will really change just about every class, but i can still confidently say you want a Warden, Guardian, Champ, or Captain for survivability and not being killed.
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    There is no "best class". It's just that certain classes that are better at handling certain situations than other classes.

    If you want to know which playstyle you like the best, I'd recommend playing every class. I have.
    And, getting to lvl 30 is nothing, it's not an accurate picture of how the class actually plays. This is evident by the fact that you think warden's self heals are "minor".

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    I am the best! No, seriously depends what you want of you character.

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    Ok thanks a lot

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    Level 32 is not a place to be comparing classes. If you don't enjoy those three at 32, you won't enjoy any at 32, as there isn't a great deal of variation except perhaps for Burglar. All classes can heal to some extent. All classes can DPS to some extent. All have tricks. If you're bored, go do something else. The game doesn't go away just because you stop playing for a week or two.



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