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    Smile First time level cap (2 years player)

    Because I play a "story driven" game, pursuing closely the epic line and completing* the area I arrive in before moving on to the next (with few exceptions) it's the first time my main character has hit the level cap this past week. He was created in late 2011. He arrived in Rohan and obtained his war horse

    Despite the rubberbanding and the sinister memory leak eventually dropping the FPS to a crawl (and crashing the game unless I relaunch) I have to say I like how mounted combat is handled, and this comes from a veteran Mount&Blade player

    Anyway, as we used to say in a totally different game environment, all rounds on me!

    * quests and reputation, deeds excluded

    Landroval: Kibilturg (Watchers of Elendil); Taurunion, Erohtar (Taters and Traders)
    Crickhollow: Kibilturg (Tarciryan Knights), Zigilturg (Forever Notorious), Birnavor (The Northern Kingdom), Nuncle (Casual Wanderers)

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    Congratulations sir
    Sabian- Hunter85
    All warfare is based on deception

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    Congratulations!!! Now the epic question that all players do after reach level cap by 1st time is: "What to do next?"

    ~ Check my Kinship at Gladden server: The Fate of Middle Earth ~

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    I am about 6 months ahead of you. It took me 2 years, too. Like you, World-Reknown was as important as level cap. I recommend working on deeds, especially class deeds, then virtues. Cap your crafting and start accumulating shards. I did Wildermore for the Epic, but not the Survivors part. And, then, of course, there's your first alt to consider.

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    Thanks all

    Don't worry cheery, all that you have mentioned have always been part of this long run 7 alts, all crafts but one at the top tier/guild rep and not infrequent deeding breaks

    Master Kibilturg has been doing Hytbold & Wildermore now and with the leveling competition at hand I'll be flexible (read: levelmonger) with my already 53 shingshing & pewpew
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