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    Jun 2011
    • GLFF/IF
    • Low level Itemization
    • Mounted Combat lag/physics
    • Some Boss-Fights have over complicated mechanics and are lacking character (Draigoch is great btw, Dúrchest ...not)
    • Trashloot (especially in Moria but also the amount of recipies and legendary weapons. Why not only 1 container per tier and a small amount of shards instead of weapons?)
    • User Interfaces (Task Window, Small resolution of Maps and Login Screen, Vendor Interface)

    There are other things I wish to have ingame, but I wouldn't say that this annoys me.

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    The haters of Forced Emotes

    By far the most annoying thing in game for me is the players who turn off forced emotes, presumably because they do not like being subjected to them, but keep using them. Turning them off in itself is fine, if a player doesn't like them, then they don''t like them so turn them off, and all is good. But some . . . . they disable them and then they continue to use them on other players.

    Its akin to shouting "I don't like shouting" and makes a player look rather silly.

    A little suggestion to the turbine team . . . if a player disables forced emotes, they should not be able to use them on others either mebbe

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    • Not being able to "destroy all" or loot only a specific group of items from that horrible pending loot box.
    • The inability to organize inventory bags by category. There should be a "sort" button that puts LIs together, crafting items together, food, relics, etc. They already can organize things in the Auction House.
    • The fact that you never know you have a quest item unless you just happen to look in your pending loot box and get lucky.
    • Just pending loot in general. It's a terrible idea.
    • Mounted Combat is just one big annoying experience.

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    LI runes and relic forging.
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    - top of my list : the RNG, never saw such a bad implementation; if I ever stop playing LOTRO it will be because of this
    - some obvious bugs which take sometimes forever to solve, such as the error we get in the chat window each time we log in; makes me think Turbine does not master anymore some 'old' source code
    - not being able to 'consume' a full stack of reputation items in one click

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    LI's in general but two things that really bug me repeatedly and so could easily be fixed without changing the whole LI set up
    Removing IXP runes, and just making them a shared wallet currency. I've got hundreds if not thousands of the damned things.
    Having to reforge them every 10 levels - Oh great I've got 7 quests to hand in, hand in 1 quest a LI needs reforging, ride off to find nearest Forge master, ride back, hand in next quest, another item needs reforging and so on.

    Neither of these things serve any purpose apart from annoyance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elrantiri View Post
    How exactly would it help this game a lot? GLFF has fulfilled this purpose for years, so I don't see what major change a functional Instance Finder would have, at least not compared to giving us some decent content to play.
    I wouldn't call the GLFF an adequate tool for finding instances.

    It is usually useless spam and on occasion repeat runs of the easiest and most convenient instances.

    But I would agree with you it's not a solution to the decay in the quality of content.

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    Too many requests, Slow Down!

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    deeps deeds deeds and probably deeds.

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    I gave up playing my freeps because of the LI system (destroy, grind, rinse and repeat ad nauseum) so I suppose that's my pet 'annoyance'.

    Re the mailbox/mouse-wheel bug - thankyou! I thought it was just my system! For the poster who thought they were locked at that zoom level, it's been ages since I played a freep, but if I remember correctly you can shift+[+/-] to zoom in or out if you haven't go time to reload the game immediately (creeps don't have mailboxes, we just leave things on rocks and hope the right monster comes by and picks it up; often it's some pesky smelly hobbit that nabs our goodies for their pocketsess...).
    Vulfen cpt 100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scruffynerf View Post
    3 largest ones that come to mind are:

    Right-click to travel to functional NPC (Vault, travel etc), relevant window appears, can't select anything because I'm not close enough.

    When quests involve me acting as a conduit for a conversation between NPC's, going back and forth. Either let me escort them to each other, invent Semaphore signalling, or just decapitate them.

    Lack of swift travel routes, particularly those in the Trollshaws, or the back way between Saradean's Cabin and Candaith's camp. Or anywhere to Barachan's camp.

    At least a quick travel from Rivendell to Thorenhad!

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    After coming back to LOTRO after about 3/4 of a year off, I was, and still am, disappointed in the following:

    1) In game lag
    2) Rubber-banding while on a war-steed
    3) Lack of upgraded graphics engine
    4) High end Legendaries at level 85 offer little improvement over the level 75 counter parts
    5) No reputation rewards in Rohan, except for the regular & Hytbold quests
    6) "reduced awareness"
    7) Cooked food still only lasts 10 minutes or so
    8) Lack of level 85 LIs that drop (maybe I'm hunting in the wrong areas, but they seem rare to me)
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    Nashville Tn, USA
    The new trait tree
    Too much Xp
    Open tapping
    Craft XP
    The fact they start breaking more stuff with new expansions before they ever fix the bugs from the last one

    all of these make me insanely annoyed just for starters
    Completeness is the only way to play! No fast track ever! Xp Disable Toggle Supporter

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    at this very moment, "Cleaning up Old Connection" is annoying as hell.

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    1. all those barter items
    2. getting housing items that only fit for kinhouses. (Enormous yards)
    3. Crashing everytime i want to log onto my main toon unless i open the store first
    4. People QQ'ing about my gear. Its not like i need 10+ golden items to run Erebor raids.
    5. Being called names when you win a 1v1 in the moors.

    And the thing i hate the most:

    When someone corrects my spellingmistakes in glff. (seeing that english is my 3rd language, its still better than most native speakers)
    Retired from lotro since june '14. Currently kicking other noobs on gw2.

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    - Mithril coins and mithril coins advertisement;
    - Having to buy a 3rd tab for skill trees to have 02 tabs working properly;
    - the greed on warsteed outfits, c'mon guys, it should have been account avaiable!
    - lack of comunication with players;

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    That you cant deactivate shots seperately in the soundmenu.
    Its either no combatsound at all, or constant WRAAAAA ÜÜHHHH BRÄÄÄÄH WUUUUUUH BÜÄÄÄÄR...

    VERY annoying since day 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uvirith View Post
    That you cant deactivate shots seperately in the soundmenu.
    Its either no combatsound at all, or constant WRAAAAA ÜÜHHHH BRÄÄÄÄH WUUUUUUH BÜÄÄÄÄR...

    VERY annoying since day 1.
    Just in case you didn't know, you can turn combat sounds down separately in the options menu. It helps make it less annoying.

    In the books screaming was a way many of the main characters intimidated their foes. And I like the concept of making human characters roar at their prey like lions. But I will agree with you - unless you turn down the volume - it can give you headaches after awhile.


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