So its been a year now since Pending Loot was put into the game and In Game Support is still using the policy that they can't help out with any issues surrounding Pending Loot and loss of items regardless of the reasons. With how heavily this system is relied upon to distribute loot for all things from mob kills, chests and epic battle jewelry merit cash outs this policy is in dire need of changing. It was understandable for this to be the case for the first few months while the system was still being tweaked but its a year later and this needs to be updated. People can lose anything from task items, loot boxes, sturdy steel keys to instance teal and gold items and nothing will be done to help them out. Yet for things like unique items from CD/Uru people will get an reimbursement later on when that issue with chests is fixed or if there is a glitch and they accidentally spend to much barter currency they can get a swap out reimbursement.