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    Having a bit of trouble getting into the RP scene

    I've tried roleplaying a hobbit and a dwarf, and more often than not, get ignored. Is this server starting to be a lot of just tightly knit RP circles?

    What would be a good start to get involved? Race, Class, what's the norm in RP?

    It's not a problem with experience, as I've roleplayed for roughly 12 years now. :/

    I'm good with adventure/romance/action scenes, so what do people like to see to make them feel more comfortable?

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    Hey keep an eye out for tavern rp events. Usually a great place to meet heavy rpers and get into the community

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    Welcome to Landroval! Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting into the RP scene. It can take a lot of patience. While there are some RPers who will only play with certain others, or certain types of characters, there are plenty of others who are more open and willing to interact with others.

    Race-wise: I say play what you enjoy. An intelligent Hobbit with a fascination for jokes and puns, a Dwarf with an innate nobility and courage despite his occupation as trader, go with what you like. Personally, I favor the race of Man for RP since they seem to fit in for many situations/locations but I do occasionally enjoy my Elves for certain situations.

    Class-wise: I've not found that it makes much difference in RP. I've seen fantastic thieves played by captains and LMs and awful thieves played by burgs. (Note: a great many RPers seem to dislike the use of the actual game mechanic stealth in RP; some will outright ignore anyone using it. The same goes for RKs casting lightning from their fingers, LMs having bears leap through the windows of the Prancing Pony, etc.) How you play the character seems to matter more than the class. Though if your character goes about armed, you may want to consider available weapons for each class.

    It can be very hard to get into scenes. I suggest reading bios (if the characters have them), looking for characters not currently talking/interacting with another who are still giving the occasional emote, and keep trying! Sometimes, there just isn't much RP going on or everyone is doing other things. You might also look at some of the kin descriptions, not necessarily to join but to see what sort of RP you might expect from the players in that kin.

    Hope that this helps (or is at least encouraging!) and welcome to Landroval!
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    Welcome, Je5ter.

    I might add that some of us are moving into this neighborhood outside of Bree for an RP neighborhood. You can read the thread entitled--
    Burrstow - An RP Neighborhood.
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    Are you also engaging folks around you with active emotes? A lot of times, someone simply grabs a drink and then does nothing engaging to a person nearby. Most RPers are not what I would call proactive RPers-- you must engage them with something that clearly is meant for them.

    Also note that not everyone with a white tag questing on the landscape is actually RPing there and then. Sometimes they never actually RP, they just like the white tag for whatever reason (some Moors players fall here).

    Do note that if your action is unexplainably violent, some RPers will ignore it.

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