I Heslum would like to hold a beer up high and drink till i see the sky. I am a small little hobbit but can hold my own in a fight or a beer drinking contest. i grew up in the spire but wondered off into the woods and have seen a wonderful world outside and now i am looking for adventure beyond my small house and the people that i know. I know how to play an instrument but can also use it for damage and to heal my companions in need. I have always wonder what it looked like beyond those tall weed fields and all the beer and fireworks. Since i have traveled from town to town i have meet some great people and i have enjoyed every minute of time out of the spire. Now i believe it is time to join up and see what this world holds not just as one but as many that can drink together fight together and play music for all to enjoy. So if i see you out in a pub ill by you a drink and we can talk about all the stories and places we have been.

Lets go out and enjoy this world.

Looking for an RP Kinship