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It isn't always the customer, correct. I have seen posts where the GMs were in the wrong. But in this case, I would say they didn't give you a frozen steak. They gave you one you didn't like...so you sent it back...they did it again, you sent it back, they tried again, and you threw a fit because it is STILL how you don't like it...then when they said ok we are not going to make it again, you get pissed and throw a fit.

PVPers are that customer. No one is happy anymore, so there is no reason to try to work with the many. instead they work with the few. Betas, Q&A, etc.

I don't know the instance with Leon. So I can't comment on it. I have seen GMs do wrong things many times. But that does not affect PVP in general.
I think the more appropriate analogy with your example is them bringing you a frozen steak, when you complain about how little it was cooked they then charcoal it.. throw it down on your table and walk away. All the while you try to explain how you want it, they never return to your table until it's time to serve you the bill. Meanwhile at the pve solo'ers.. er i mean the other table they were served a 5 star meal with complimentary dessert.

Regardless if you freep or creep, you often spent TP to do so, or a VIP sub. Many VIP pvp'ers are now unsubbing due to the lack of attention. Sure, this is a small percentage, but what makes one VIP worth more than any other? There are so many suggestions about how to make PVP better and if they listened perhaps this small percentage would expand. Get people hooked on the moors, and you have a customer who will continue to sub just for the experience. Have somewhat semblance of balance, or development at least, and people will not get bored. As others have said, even giving us a mail system or a vault would be a good start. Add some in-combat potions to enhance creeps roles would even add a shred of complexity more than already exists. Those are good starts.. and they are things people have asked for for years.