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    Exclamation French Kinship need players

    La Légion des Ombres est à la recherche de joueurs francophones!

    Cette guilde possède un riche passé mais depuis quelques temps tombe quelque peu engourdie, alors, nous cherchons du sang neuf pour réveiller le reste de l'alliance.

    Pour les interressés, vous pouvez contacter Ghoy/Actarus ou Dralmur/nimodal.


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    Engourdie, le mot est faible... cette guilde est complètement morte. Il ne reste que quelques membres à peine actif.

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    Where to begin this kinship is more then dead after all the recrutement that as been done and ppl laughing at officer when they heard the name legion des ombres and with reason

    Most of ppl in there leech other player that know what to do sooo most of them are noob its way less then casual and im not even speaking of all the drama in there

    second of all there is some officer that are taking the work of others for themselves and act as if they did all the work themselves soo officer rank in that guild is mostly power hungry and, for other officer is more like a

    a decoration for there loyalty for beeing in the guild for so long ..........

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