Hi there

I'm attempting to get my Inn League rep up for that lovely mount.

I've completed the "Inn League Initiation" & got my initial 10,000 rep. However, Ailward Chubb is not offering me "Covert Reparations". He knows I've done the Initiation & offers it to me to repeat. But the other repeatable quests arn't available; for example Herluf in Needlehole won't offer me "Covert Reparations IV -- Who Doesn't Like Flowers"? Probably because I've not done the initial "Covert Reparations".

I may have missed something. I've done some research using lotro-wiki.com & can't see what the problem might be.

I raised this as a ticket & got this lovely response:

Thank you for your help request. The In-Game Support team does not provide information regarding quest completion hints and tips, locations of NPC’s/mobs or other content-specific details of this nature. You can use the Advice channel from within the game to ask fellow players for assistance or you can visit the LOTRO.com forums and Lotro-wiki.com for answers to gameplay questions such as the one you are asking. Good luck and thanks for playing!
Many thanks for any help you can give.

Jamie (Muchbeer - Inn League Member)