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    champion's legendary traits

    Hi all,

    I am a more or less new champion, and i've finally reached lvl 39. So i went to Bree to my champion trainer and purchased all 3 books for my legendary traits.
    Some how it's not clear to me how should i proceed from now on.
    Do i have to pay a visit to Gimli first and then start to collect the missing pages of the books or it's not necessary to see Gimli and i can start right away killing mobs in the specified areas, (Misty Mountains, Forochel, Moria, Angmar, Eregion) and then visit Gimli when i've collected all of them?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Only going by memory here, but I think if you have the deeds available in the deedlog you only need to collect the pages, and they will complete automatically when you have all pages. This part doesn't involve any quests as far as I remember.
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    Open your Deed Panel and go to the Class list of deeds. You should see the three books you purchased listed there. If they say to speak to someone (like Gimli) then hop on over to Rivvy and have a chat with him. After you speak to Gimli, those three deeds should update to say to go out and collect 8 pages each. The pages drop randomly from humanoid mobs in Forochel, Angmar, Misties, Eregion or Moria. The first four pages listed in each deed can drop (IIRC) in Angmar and Eregion. The last four for each deed can drop in Forochel and the Misties. And then all 8 for all 3 deeds can drop in Moria.

    I wouldn't go out and grind, personally. By the time you finish questing in Moria alone you should have all 24 pages acquired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wesmont View Post
    and then visit Gimli when i've collected all of them?
    Once you have all 8 pages, then you have the Trait.
    All you have to do is go to a Bard and Equip it. As well as be at least lvl 41, since that's when the first Legendary Trait slot opens.

    As far as grinding for the pages, I'd recommend the Angmarim on the steps to Helegrod in Misty Mountains (also drops Rivendell rep) and the Orc Camp in Eastern Malenhad* in Angmar (also drops Estledin rep).

    * You have to beat Volume 1, Book 6 to get there.

    Also, when you get to 45, you'll be getting a class quest from your class trainer for another Legendary Trait. In order to complete it, you'll have to complete 2 quests, each consisting of 3 parts. 1) Go to various zones and kill various things, 2) collect minor class items, 3) collect major class items.
    Part 1 has to be completed by you, but part 2 and 3 involve items that are droppable and can be collected by anyone. The minor items are dropped by various landscape mobs, and the major items are dropped by bosses in Carn Dum and Urugarth. Though, both minor and major items can be bartered for at a Skirmish camp.

    The final 3 "capstone" Legendaries can be found in Moria. One is bought from the Guards, after you become Kin with them. The second is from a lvl 58 Class quest. And, the final is from beating the Epic quest line in Moria and Lothlorien.

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    Thank you all for your responses,
    just an update for everyone else that might have the same questions. When i checked my class deeds page, on all three books it said "go talk to Gimli",
    so i went to Riven and talked to Gimli and after that all 3 deeds updated and now it has the 8 pages that i have to find for each book.



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