So, this is just a quick interest survey for a medium/heavy RP kin I'm considering starting. The concept will be of a group of non-Dunedain, Bree-lander wilderness folk. Think hunters from Bree who go out and hunt for butchers in the city, or those who guide travellers from place to place in Breeland. They might also be lightly armored caravan guards or scouts, or bounty hunters assisting the Watch in apprehending fugitives. Even in some cases, auxiliary skirmishers, sort of like the 100 Hobbits the Shire sent to war but never returned.

Races will be limited to Race of Man, and a few Bree Hobbits, I think, with the possibility of a Shire chapter for Shire Hobbits. Classes will be Hunter, and maybe Wardens, since they seem to fit the idea of a hunter with a spear, like used for boars. Main focus at first will be business, I think, like escorting merchants, collecting hides, logs, wild plants, and probably some ore too. Basically being those who work in the more wild places. Then, depending on what happens, branch out into working with the military infantry kins in Breeland as scouts and skirmishers, then maybe travel along through the different expansions.