Over on Landroval, there's a group called Club Éclair.

It uses the XP Disabler to keep its members at the same level, and it goes out to roleplay its way through quests and adventures.

For a while, it's level cap has been set at 20 where it has battled Sambrog in the Great Barrow, patrolled into the heart of Nan Wathren, confronted the Oathbreaker Captain in the shadow of the ruins of Fornost, and gone on skirmish trainings. ((Note: Skirmishes are considered practice trainings against Bree watchers and such dressed up as orcs and villains and such where club members can learn group tactics.))

With the level cap, we'll be moving into the eastern Lone Lands around Ost Guruth to finish up Book 2 and any other quests in the area that we can get done 'fore the level cap goes up again.

If roleplay adventures interest you, you're invited to Landroval to come and join us.

And if you have more of an interest in what we are like, there's a Club Éclair thread on the Landroval forums that describe some of our missions.