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    Seeking A Father - A Roleplaying Role Request! [Laurelin]

    Hello all! A friend of mine suggested to me an idea for some really cool and fun roleplaying stories. So, to get started, a little info on my character:

    She's a Race of Man female in her mid teens, around 14-16, raised in Bree-land, named Lisianthia Larkspur (Last name can be used or not, does not matter too much). A simple farmer, raised by her mother, with skills in farming, basic hunting and trapping, cooking, and mending. Her mother recently died of an illness, leaving her on her own, with no knowledge of who her father was or is, or if he's even still alive. In truth, her father tried to settle down as a simple farmer to raise a family, but the call of the wilderness and old habits were too much to ignore, and so, with Lisianthia still at a very tender age, around 3-4, he took up his old ways, becoming a Ranger once more.

    What I am looking for is simple. I need a Race of Man middle-aged male, around 35+, who is a Hunter (Another class can possibly be considered, but Hunter is preferred) and roleplays as a Ranger of the North. This can be a newly rolled character, or a currently played one, I am not picky. But, this will be a long and involved storyline and roleplay, so I want someone who will be committed and willing to play this role at least a few days a week.

    The initial discovery of who her father is and what he does can be decided in private, though I would find it fun to use the in-game mail system to sort of start it up, keep things realistic and exciting.

    And with that, if you have any questions, or have interest in playing this role, please contact me either here on the forums in this thread, a private message, or a send a tell in-game to Lisianthia. I am on the Laurelin Server and am in the US EST timezone, though I am a night owl.

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    Hello! I seen your Request and would be happy to accomidate as I am a heavy RPer myself and have just created a new character whom may be perfect for the role. Look for me ingame (name is "Ginto" I'm actually online now!) We can talk more in depth there if you would prefer.



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