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    Burglar Steed Question

    The description of the Burglar steed states: "The Burglar's Steed has plenty of bag space to carry the implements of its master: picks, marbles, stun dust, and what not."
    Can someone explain this to me?
    Does this mean this particular steed has extra holding bags over and above what our character has?
    I don't want to sink 2K points into just another horse (I have one with similar stats already), but if this steed has bags that I can use/access that are separate from my toon's, well, then....that's another story.

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    your mind
    No, no extra storage. Just cosmetics.
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    No, you don't get any more bagspace. It's just another horse.
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    Thanks so much!
    You just saved me 2K points.

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    Personally, I don't care for the brown/green colors for a burg. I think greys would have worked better.

    I do like how the cosmetics look on the War-steed though, since they can be dyed.
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