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Hey Landrovalrim,

Nothing much is going on. Just trying to survive the cold. My electric bill doubled last month, and next week is supposed to be even colder. Anyway, bumpity bumpity bump to the thread to keep it going. To my knowledge, we have never had a thread go to page two while it was still "alive".
Throw some more logs on the fire!

Is it like this in Vc? I mean,..Vc is more North,..there must be something about Chicago that pulls the Coldness down!

Missed ya last night ,Doc. DDO night was postponed. But me and Cartel jumped into 'The Secret World' with Del for a spin. Been awhile since I played it.

See ya in the Moors sometime! Creepy heal potions have been changed to a percentage. seems better! Wonder how the other changes, like macroing, will affect things.