Green Dragon Drinking Team

Looking for 4-6of any classes . If interested Contact Cadwalader on Firefoot by Im, in game mail, message here or apply at the website below.

If you want to experience leveling Lotro in a group with emphasis on group content and as a team, The Green Dragon Drinking Team is glad to welcome you. Below is a summary of our progress and the info you need to join us. We play a designated set of characters 2 times a week and intend to level as fellowships and to run all of the instances along the way. We also intend to play the endgame content as a regular group who has created a fun, functional, and relaxed Kinship.

We have 8 regular players and would like to increase our number to 12 for raiding. Our current group are soon disabling at level 50 to run the mid level dungeons before venturing into Moria. We're taking our time, leveling at a slow pace and enjoying the dungeons as we go. This post is aimed at recruiting enough members to Raid Helegrod before we take out our leveling disablers.

If you'd like to join us and are serious about leveling in this fashion it's as simple as rolling a new character (we're currently taking any class) contacting me with a name, and logging on at one of our usual times listed below. As we move at a slow pace you should be able to catch up to us without much trouble. After that we ask only that you log on (with real life as a priority of course) regularly on Saturdays 8pm-11pm EST. You can do your questing solo or you can join us on Wednesdays if you like.

The website linked below will give you all of the info you need to get started and set up a time to be invited. Feel free to start your character before you talk to me. Please read the applicant letter so you understand how we do things. Class needs are updated and listed there.



Current Play times:
8pm-11pm EST Wednesdays and Saturdays (You can level on different days if you want, but we will be doing group content on Saturdays. Most of us log on regularly at these times and level together between group encounters). For the purposes of deeding and doing extra content I strongly recommend that you get an xp dissabler from the lotro store, it cost 495 turbine points.

How we will determine groups:
We will divide questing groups into even numbers that consist of those who log in on time. Late comers will be added as is workable. Some of us are willing to run group content with newcomers on alts.

We are 50 and disabled for dungeon crawling. We have cleared GB, GA, most of fornost, and all of Anuminas, we'll be doing the misty mountains and Angmar dungeons as well.

Class Needs: 1 tank, 1 burglar, any other class. We do have 2 runekeepers but will take more.

We want members to play what they like, but may not be able to accommodate multiple players in tank/healing roles until we have enough members to go beyond a second fellowship.

Contact: Cadwalader on Firefoot. Here, by Im or in game mail or:


About us:
We are in our late 30s or early 40s. We're casual but serious about running group content. Players of any age are accepted as long as the player is mature and group oriented (mature meaning that you have not just been on earth since 1995. You should be able to communicate effectively, and posses sound logic.)