Today is the final day to bid on the “Windy Acres Steed Unlock Auction“. Please bid on this fantastic auction which raises money for Child’s Play and benefits children in hospitals with serious illnesses.

The auction features the following items on the Landroval server:

  • 85,000 reputation points each for: Men of Bree, Mathom Society, Thorin’s Hall, Elves of Rivendell, Lossoth of Forochel, Wardens of Annuminas, Rangers of Esteldin, Council of the North, and Iron Garrison Miners.
  • Maps to the following locations to pick up horses: 21st Hall, Moria; Suri-Kyla, Forochel; Tinnudir, Evendim; and Esteldin, North Downs; and Ost Guruth, Lone-Lands.
  • 55 gold to purchase the steeds and travel to the vendors.

Becoming Kindred with a faction grants many benefits beyond unlocking a new steed. You also gain travel and repair discounts, and access to special items such as armor and recipes. It also advances you toward the World Renowned meta-deed. Click here to bid!

An important note: These items can be sent via mail or traded in person. It requires 4-5 empty sacks to receive via trade. There are too many items to send in one batch of in-game mail, so the recipient will need to collect items from mail so that more can be sent.

Many thanks to members of the Lonely Mountain Band who donated reputation items, maps and gold!