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    What Can Free Players Do When We See Players With Obscene Names?

    I was just starting to bring a character through the opener on one of my free accounts. And there were 2 hobbits in Archet with names that described sexual acts. Within a few minutes 3 more appeared at the starting place, each with a name more obscene than the last. These were not a boxer, as they were independently running and jumping around Archet. Must have been a group of immature friends who decided to do this. Ironically, one was wearing both CE Rohan and Helm's Deep cosmetics. Perhaps a kid on a family member's account.

    I could do nothing, as free players cannot report obscene names or players who spew obscene things in chat. Unless I am missing something. In these situations, is there any option short of me loading in my lifer account to do a report? (Couldn't do that here, as my slots were full.)

    I logged out to play that character later. But this bothers me, as children do play this game and should not have to see such names.
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    One route could be to pop a message on Twitter: there's a support feed, I hear. Also f7 will enable you to send ticket. Main site here can be used to file a ticket, with screenshots (and right click on chat tab will capture or log chat). Asking in global chat if someone with subscription can help is also possible.

    EDIT I see your join date - fire up a paid or ex-paid account and pop a ticket from there! Once, when I was on f2p account and felt the need to really, relly do something quickly, I managed to report it as gold spammer...I can understand your frustration.
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    Free players and Premium players that have not recently bought anything do not have access to in game support to report an Obscene name. YOu have to fire up a web browser. Go here:
    fill out an email ticket to the game masters.
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    Is a simple process:
    1. Write /report "name" or use the report website
    2. Explain the fault in the ticket
    3. Press sent
    4. Keep doing whatever you was before notice the offender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YamydeAragon View Post
    Is a simple process:
    You dragged up a week-old post just to say the same thing Yula had already said? How bored are you!



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