Hi looking for a place with a social atnosphere and friends to visit with while you play.

Captains Of Middle Earth is a laid back kinship I catagorize as Casual .

A game should never be something you dread signing into.. It should be something you want to do and you should always be able to do on your time the things youd like to accomplish.

We are going on five years with lots of active members. and even though we are a large kinship and it might seem alot of people are online at times. there is times they are all doing their own thing.

I find it hard to set times for things as my members are all over the world. so groups can happen on the fly.

We have sm crafters of all proffesions, kinship house with narly keggar, and ventrilo voice chat. I do ask my members to refrain from cursing as we welcome all ages.

If we sound like we would be a fit for you.

add Briannas to friends.

when not on bri,

you can find me on Aarwyna or Makena.

Have fun and see you in game.