(Posted in general discussion, but figured it deserved a place here, as well)

These are all question that I asked a few friends of mine on Dwarrowdelf, here are the questions and responses! Enjoy! (All players were given a nickname, to keep from revealing there full character's name)

Q1: How do you feel about all four races being about to experience Helm's Deep? Do you think it was a needed route, despite the talk about the lore issues?
A1: Cele: I accept it as a necessary lore-breach, I can't think of anything else they could of done.

Q2: How do you feel about trait trees?
A2: Cele: I'm excited for the change they'll bring.
A2: Beor: I'm not sure about the trait trees, it depends on how much they remove from the base class, and how much customization they will give.
A2: Dast: The trait tress willl either crash and burn or be amazing.

Q3: From what you have seen about them so far, what are your feelings concerning Big Battles?
A3: Beor: i actually havent seen anything yet. Whatever they do... I'm going to play and adjust, since i love Tolkien so much.
A3: Dast: Hmn I am thinking more big battles for instances and raids.

Q4: What do you think about the Epic Story requiring payment, with this expansion?
A4: Dast: The epics require the qp? Lame.
A4: Beor: Just another way for them to increase profits, they will always do such.

Q5: How do you feel about the massive changes coming to LoTRO, regarding raids, big battles, and class changes? Are you excited to see new skills, and traits?
A5: Dast: Yes and no, over all, I see it as they can either seriously screw up a class with these changes, by that I would mean they cause a class to lose its original purpose or play style, and this can screw up long time players.
(At this point, Dast is the only one in the group)

Q6: What do you expect out of the West Rohan landmass? What are somethings you want to see?
A6: Dast: I at least, want to be able to walk in the actual fortress[of Helm's Deep]. How about make it a quest hub? Also, Edoras, it should also probably be a major quest hub.

Q7: Who are some key players in the story that you expect to see in the next expansion?
A7: Dast: Theoden, we should obviously get to say hello to Strider(Aragorn) once again, Grima(Wormtongue), Eomer, Gimli, Legolas, and Gandalf. I think Gandalf should be more a background character, maybe riding ahead of the players.

These are only seven of the many questions I wished to ask my companions. Tomorrow, I hope to gather some more "Points of View" on new questions, with new people.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of, "Dwarrowdelf: 20Qs" and I'll see you again soon!

Happy Halloween!