I have had this kinship with Rank 9 (with house already) for quite a while. Changed the name few times until found a real idea for the kin.
I do not send in a recruitment advertise, since I think the kin need to be build more deeply.
If you wish to be part of the Founding People (which later will be added to the kin Coven/Council) send me a message in game: Gendall

The kin will be having only the race of men, since the idea of the kin, is to create a Corvin-name related family kin. Meaning people of the kin, will be somewhat related to the name. Not necessarily have to have the same last name but are somewhat related by blood to the kin. Why only Men? Since there by my knowledge and by common sense cannot be blood relation between an elf and a hobbit e.g. Later perhaps the kin would accept people from other races that value the same purpose.
Night Coven (Name may change in future) will not be one of the happy family kin. Most certainly not. They are noble, and most certainly vicious when it comes to the point of defending their blood-line. to
Idea of this kin, is to create clan/family based kinship, that will create a somewhat back story to ALL it's kin-members. All would belong somewhere. If you are one of those people who don't have a proper back-story/history or don't really feel like they belong to any other kin, perhaps this is your chance!
I am looking for 4 people to join me in the creation of this kin. And all these 4 people will be part of the founding Coven/Council that will be in the kin. Since I think myself as an experience role-player in LOTRO, I wish the 4 people would be as well.

Not all has been set in motion yet, perhaps we change the original idea for the kin by some aspects, so don't reject this idea yet

Point is, that I am looking for people interested even some what by the idea to create this kin with me!
All interested ones, send a message to me in game! - Gendall