So, while I'm not new to the world of RPing, I am new to it when it comes to lotro. I've always thought it looked fun, though - plus I love how much more immersed it can help you become in the game. So, basically, I'm on the Crickhollow server and thought that if anyone's looking for an RP buddy, I'd be happy to give it a shot. I'm not looking for anything incredibly serious - in fact, while I adore this game and the books, I'm not very well versed in the lore. Or rather, I do a horrible, horrible job at trying to explain/talk about it. To help me through that, I have a character who is from another piece of literature - she's had to grow up in Middle Earth but doesn't know much about it. Probably a silly idea, but it definitely helps me out when it comes to the history of Middle Earth and so forth - I'm not confident enough to write about stuff like that without running to Google to double check my facts (which gets very tiring). Basically, my character is just trying to survive in the world and make her way home but in the process, she's gotten caught up in the troubles going on. She could use some friends.

Anyway, if you're interested in some casual RPing, let me know. :] Or just shoot me a message online - character name is Myrcella. Levels don't matter to me nor experience - after all, I'm new to this so if you are, too, that's totally cool. :]

And for those who can figure out what books she's from /cough/GoT/cough/ and think it's a silly idea, that's okay - because it probably is. However, it makes me happy and lessens my anxiety (because I would hate to offend those who actually know what they're talking about) so I suppose that's what should count. Heh. > u >

But yeah! Thought I'd throw this out there. :]