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    Lightbulb Add/Improve 3D option

    Hey everyone,

    Some of you probably have tried to play LOTRO on 3D and managed to get good gameplay, some didn't. Well is it possible, Turbine to give it immerse 3D options and improvement so that everyone get an awesome experience? I still haven't tried, but since I am upgrading my PC, I probably will. Of course that might mean the the recommended system requirements get higher, but everyone upgrades at some point...

    Any thoughts?

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    I'll admit that I don't know how much work this will need, but to be honest I could never see it being a priority. I've tried gaming in 3d, and I mean on a proper monitor with an expensive GPU and everything, and found it nothing more than a gimmick. It's still a 2D picture, and for me at least the feel of glasses would ruin immersion and constantly draw my eye away. Plus long sessions left me with a headache...

    But that's all personal. If it could be done quickly and easily, then I don't see a reason for Turbine to not do it. If they had to take resources away from something else - which, to be blunt, is likely to be used by a greater portion of the playerbase - to do it then I could see how you would make an argument against it.

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    Lotro looks quite good with 3D Vision, but due to the nature of the system DX11 effects get rendered wrong, also some text components.

    Pure 3D games look great with 3D Vision, but often programmers mix 2D effects to the graphics which then get rendered wrong, for example overlayed shadows only render for one eye only or text is misplaced, because it was added as 2D element instead of 3D element with a texture, so either you see it twice or it's not rendered at the correct depth, when you don't look straight at the object, it's not over the head of the element.

    in Lotro's case there are not many problems. If you turn of the DX10+DX11 effects, it looks almost perfect.



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