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Sorry if I ask, but how can the people that powerlevel this much think to learn to play a class "decently"?
That way you don't even get the time to understand fully the skills you obtain and it turns out in just hitting the same keys over and over again, like it is for Epic battles atm.
I've already seen too many people around showing the highest level and the best gears but with absolutely no knowledge of the BASICS of the class they were playing and I wouldn't like it to become the normality.
I'm regretting the Tower of Orthanc times, where the toons were not Overpowered (now to have just a bit of challange you need to run an instance without equipment, and even there it is easy), the instances offered some actual challange and the players that wanted to play needed to really know HOW to play.
always someone with this quote... get over yourself... at any point in time a person can take the time to read their skills, what they do, practice and get good... heh... you think its sad when a powerlevel person might not know their class... I bet for everyone of them there are 5 slow leveling people that don't know how to play their class... now THAT IS SAD...

in any event skill IS NOT tied to how a person got to max level...