Do not post here if your just looking for new members without reading someones thread, I'd love it if you actually read my entire thread and notice what I want Not just what you want. (Which is a new member obviously)

I haven't played LOTRO in a long time, due to a bad laptop.
Well, now I'm back. Still newbie to the game too, but a fan of the movies/books.
I'm looking for a great, friendly, family, active, helpful, kinship to be in whom is also dedicated to end-game content and sticking to the game for awhile longer.
I really just want to stick to a game for a couple months, make some friends, group with people, have a blast in LOTRO.
I cannot find a server with people from the USA as active as I am. I just want to be able to see people online and be able to make friends, group up with people, etc.

My timezone is GMT-5, I would appreciate if your kinships main timezone was GMT-5 or just in the USA.

Overall, I just really want a group of friends to play with while I level up, or some help would be nice.
I'm looking for a server to play in a group with other people so I don't solo all the time. Getting into skirmishes/instances with a group would be fun too..
I'm looking for a good population of people for a newbie like me... in the USA (GMT -5)