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    Looking for a Kinship

    Do not post here if your just looking for new members without reading someones thread, I'd love it if you actually read my entire thread and notice what I want Not just what you want. (Which is a new member obviously)

    I haven't played LOTRO in a long time, due to a bad laptop.
    Well, now I'm back. Still newbie to the game too, but a fan of the movies/books.
    I'm looking for a great, friendly, family, active, helpful, kinship to be in whom is also dedicated to end-game content and sticking to the game for awhile longer.
    I really just want to stick to a game for a couple months, make some friends, group with people, have a blast in LOTRO.
    I cannot find a server with people from the USA as active as I am. I just want to be able to see people online and be able to make friends, group up with people, etc.

    My timezone is GMT-5, I would appreciate if your kinships main timezone was GMT-5 or just in the USA.

    Overall, I just really want a group of friends to play with while I level up, or some help would be nice.
    I'm looking for a server to play in a group with other people so I don't solo all the time. Getting into skirmishes/instances with a group would be fun too..
    I'm looking for a good population of people for a newbie like me... in the USA (GMT -5)

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    Hey there!

    Greetings AddisonH,

    I am a beta player who is looking to get back into the game after a good 6-7 months of absence. To get back into the game properly I decided that I wanted to begin anew with a group of 6-10 people who share my ideals in what a kinship is and are looking to spend some 'real' time and effort in the game as well. From what you have posted it appears that our ideals are similar! Feel free to go check out my thread https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ndywine-Server where all I have done really is do a 'shout out' to the forum junkies in hopes that someone will find it and take interest. I am currently out of country, but I reside in British Columbia, Canada so my time zone is GMT-7 I believe.

    Like I said, I am still out of the country currently but when I return I hope to get this kinship up and running, and from what I read I hope you will join me!

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    Hello AddisonH,

    I read your post, and I think I may be able to help you out (assuming you are still looking for a kinship).
    Who are we? We are The Northern Kingdom, located on Imladris. Here is a link to our recruitment thread. You will find a good bit of information located here.

    Our members come from all over the world, however the majority of us live within the United States, so hopefully we won't have too much trouble as far as activity goes :P
    As for kin activities, we group up frequently, but we also allow our members plenty of time to enjoy the game for themselves. We also tend to focus on all content, not just end-game content (although we do wiggle our way in there).
    We also try to keep a sense of equality in the kinship. All members are equal, and are treated as such (that includes officers and the kin leader), and they all have the same or similar expectations. Officers and leaders do not command members, rather they are there to guide and moderate. We prefer a style of leadership where members are capable of managing themselves without an officer breathing down their neck, however the administration will step in to preserve balance if things get out of hand. Over all, you'll find a very friendly, helpful, kind, and easygoing community that aims to give its members the best out of LotRO.

    Interested? If so, feel free to send me a Private Message on these forums, and we can get in touch.

    ~Kaelalas, leader/founder The Northern Kingdom

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