Hello, I haven't been in this game since FOREVER.
With a great computer now though, I am able to run this game.
And I'm crossing my fingers that the population for LOTRO is still thriving and that I'll make friends on here and find a kinship!
I've got a lot of time in my hands to play video games, so I was searching for an MMO to play every single day while meeting new friends and being a LOTRO player for a long time.
I came to LOTRO because I do love MMO games and I loved the LOTR Books and Movies! I'm a fan!
I was wondering though, which server would you recommend? For someone who lives in the East Coast in the USA? Timezone being GMT -5?

I'm just looking to have a blast in LOTRO for a long time.
And in order for that to happen, I need to see there are people online playing, I need to make some new friends, find a kinship, etc.
I don't like soloing (It's okay, but not all the time/24/7) I'd rather be able to find a kinship to socialize or find groups to quest with/do instances/skirmishes with.
If I'm soloing the whole time, what's the point in playing, right? :P