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    Proton-1 known ganker. KOS

    Proton-1 is now KOS by all creeps due to ganking creeps at trhs. always kill him because he is a ganker

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer500 View Post
    Proton-1 is now KOS by all creeps due to ganking creeps at trhs. always kill him because he is a ganker
    I'd like to see you enforce that.
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    I would have thought that KOS was the default. All freeps are KOS to creeps and visa-versa, that is the whole purpose of having a PvP zone after all

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    If an anonymous poster who's incapable of finding the PvMP forum tells me to do something, I pretty much have to, right?

    Seriously, sigs, fix them. QQ threads like this are pretty sad, but when you don't even know who's upset, its kind of a waste. That goes for you too Dren, we all know you're hard-core, but unless you're actually Ice-T...

    Edit: Calithin, seriously? lmfao.
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    Yes please make Proton,"KOS" he loves free renown.

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    I would really enjoy watching your attempts to KOS the walking armored truck know as Proton-1.
    Also, I find it rather peculiar when people are upset over ganking. Seeing how most of the time, said player started the confrontation and became upset over the failed outcome.

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    I highly doubt many players will support this but you can try
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