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    Cool Legendary Item advice!

    Hi guys,
    I'm an old player but new to the class - I've been playing captain for 3+ years and due to the Helms Deep wait I decided to level a LM. I've been doing every quest region so I'm near the level cap but haven't really been concentrating on my legendary items so much, grabbing the seemingly best damage legacies but not really doing much research into which ones would be optimal for different play-styles.
    So I thought I'd ask you, the more experienced loremasters which legacies you use and why?
    As a captain I'm used to having 4 different sets of LI's for different occasions (buff/dps/heal/tank) so what different sets would you recommend? E.g DPS/CC/Pet and what legacies do you think would suit them best?
    I'm not looking to go overboard here but at least for the duration of the next few weeks before HD comes out it'd be nice to get a 2nd ager or something to a good standard. If you feel like showing off please post screenies and don't forget to tell me the reasons WHY you chose that legacy


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    I prefer playing 5 Blue/2 Red, letting my pet do most of the work. And, keeping the Fire DoT's active.

    I don't really find much usefulness with the Legacies of the Staff. Maybe Staff-Strike Cooldown and Tactical Skill Direct Damage.

    There are much more useful Legacies on the Class item. Burning Embers Pulses and Wizard's Fire Pulses for obvious fire reasons, especially after you get Improved Burning Embers, which stacks up to three times. Also, Fire Skills Critical Rating and Fire Damage Over Time for equally obvious reasons. And, as one that uses pets, Threat - Sign of the Wild: Rage is really good for helping them hold aggro. And, Morale - Sign of the Wild: Protection is nice to add to their max morale.

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    I have 2 sets of LIs and 1 3rd age book and scrolls of renewal for that one.

    For DPS Staff: Tact dmg, fire skills rating, staff strike cd, BE dmg, SG dmg, will, vit
    For DPS book: dmg resist, fire resist, fire crit, BE pulses, WF pulses, fire dmg over time and will

    Support staff: share the power, staff strike, CE range, will vit fate
    Support book:beacon of hope, signs, resistance debuffing, ancient craft, vit, fate

    backup booket morale,pet threat, bane flare, fire lore. Just tapping to this one to use a skill and back.

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    Also important to keep in mind that a lot of the legacies will probably be changing with the class revamps, so I wouldn't put too much effort into them until we know what those changes are going to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caffeinatedlife View Post
    Also important to keep in mind that a lot of the legacies will probably be changing with the class revamps, so I wouldn't put too much effort into them until we know what those changes are going to be.
    Thanks for the reminder, but I took this into consideration. As for now though I do want to get the right legacies and sometimes seeing the change from what was to what is can be very useful in understanding subtle changes or whether a class is appreciating or depreciating with expansions.

    I'm currently sitting with:
    Tact skill damage
    Fire skills crit magnitude
    Staff Strike CD
    Burning Embers Initial
    Sticky Gourd Direct
    Cracked Earth Damage
    Lightening skills crit chance

    Very similar to an above posters weapon, so thanks for that recommendation it was really useful.

    Any advice on relics/settings also appreciated!

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    This are my choices:

    On any legendary, on all classes, i always give priority to those legacies that affect more than 1 skill. Also, i put more points on legacies that affect weaker skills, to make them be pair with the stronger skill.
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