I know the community guidelines has a link for appealing a forum ban, but what about infractions?

To avoid further infractions, I'll try to avoid too much detail about the ones I have received, but some of them were deserved, and some I feel were not. Each time I have received an infraction that I felt was inappropriate I have responded to the Mod giving the infraction with an explanation and request for reconsideration. Most recently I received an infraction that the moderator quite clearly was in error over (I posted something about one of my characters that made absolutely no reference to any other person or character, and received an infraction on the basis of 'calling out' other members of the community, when I was in fact poking fun at myself), neither the reply I sent to the mod about this, nor any previous correspondence (all polite I might add) I have attempted with any community manager or moderator has garnered even a reply to say they disagreed with my point of view on the issue, or to steer me in the right direction. Interestingly enough, even my PMs to community team members about attempts at positive contributions to this site have gone unanswered.

Anyway, should I be sending my appeals on individual infractions to the support site as if they were a ban, even though they are only the precursors to bans, should I be taking a different route to appeal infractions besides that or PMing the involved mod, or is this simply a tough cookies too-bad-for-you all-decisions-final situation?