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    A Strange Glitch that make you learn to fly in LOTRO

    Flying like an old Elven Goddess, high above the Marish in the Shire, heading to the ferry and the Old Forest

    Yesterday, at Thursday 17 Oct 2013, I experienced one of the most strangest and also most wonderful glitches I have ever seen after 5 years game experience with LOTRO.
    I was walking in F12 mode in Bree-land, which means, that you see the landscape in its full beauty, without the quickbars, minimaps and chatboxes. Since I know the landscape pretty well, walking in F12 mode is real fun to do, especially with super high graphic settings. I crossed the Brandywine River at the Brandywine Forest in Bree-land, heading for the Greenfields south of Scary, to visit a villain for an epic quest. After I entered the Greenfields, and mined 2 nodes of Barrow Ore, something strange happened. I heard a splashing sound and was continuously jumping. Normally, with such a bug/glitch I quit the game and restart, but since I keep an extensive blog about my adventures in Lotro, I decided to keep the game running.

    The original goal was to make some pictures of myself, high jumping between the stars. Like I was flying... I experienced these 'flying' suggesting glitches sometimes, and recorded them on a special page on my blog.

    Most of these flying suggestions can happen while leaving a stable on a horse or entering a not intended area by jumping with a warhorse.

    But now, something different happened. It was like the original game surface was elevated to a higher level. As soon as I entered the lower parts of an area, so the lowest elevation in a zone, I started to swim - on land, with a splashing sound while I was continuously, involuntary jumping (the space bar was free). Since I was 'swimming' in the air, above the ground, I could literally swim above a lot of houses, trees, ruins and other objects. I decided to make an 'aerial reconnaissance' flight above the lands of LOTRO and I have made some nice pictures about it.

    You can read about it in my chapter Areal Photography on my blogsite, here:

    Although the glitch is annoying, and you cannot use most of your skills while 'flying' (actual swimming in the air), it was the most strange and wonderful glitch in the game I have ever experienced. I don't fully understand why it happened, but I heard from other players that the same glitch occurred near Celondim in Ered Luin, in the Ettenmoors, near Little Delving in the Shire and even around the Beacon of Eaworth. My flying glitch started on a Hill in the Greenfields (Shire), south of Scary, near a small pond and 2 nodes of barrow-iron. Some people claim that it starts when jumping from a waterfall, the retreat when dead, and the airhopping begins. But others said it started when delivering the post to Little Delving, climbing steep hills near Celondim, or - like me - searching for ore in the Greenfields. Well, If you know how the glitch starts, keep me informed.

    I also asked some players to make pictures of me while flying, since I didn't know for sure if other players could see me in the air.
    Well, to them I was indeed flying (ehmmm ... swimming) high in the air... just look at these pictures:

    Flying above the windmill in Brockenborings


    Flying above the Party Tree in the Shire

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    On Landroval, I saw the conversations about the flying.
    Even saw you "fly" past me while I was crafting.
    Interesting game glitch.

    However, it became very tacky when it was being promoted as, "learn to fly, pay me 1 gold to learn how."

    Seriously, charging folks for a game glitch.

    (*shakes her head from side to side*)

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    That 1 gold was just for fun, roleplaying. Isn't Landroval one of the roleplaying servers? Well in any case, nobody had to pay anything and nobody actually did or was asked for.
    It was just a kind of advertisement to get attention. You saw me flying, so - in a way - I got the attention I wanted.

    Here you see a screenshot of the flying lesson (RP ofc) which took place at the beehives near Bree-town, free of charge!

    Have fun and try fo fly!
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    I had this "pleasure" once inside the inn of Snowbourn...was quite disturbing because the "water level" was above the door so I had a hard time getting out again...after a bit of trying I fell deep enough to reach the door "portal".

    A few days earlier I saw someone swimming around the beacon of eaworth, which made me wonder if there's some kind of fly hack...but I guess he was just bugged too...

    But something's wrong with water in general, I guess everyone has been unmounted at least once right at the edge of some river/lake/puddle by a splashing sound even though he/she isn't even in the water yet, or at best his horse would have wet hooves...
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    Crouching tiger fighting technique glitch

    This happened once to me also near Bree, I even '/unstuck' and remained airborne...

    pics here:-



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    It is a rather rare bug and it seems to occur only in the Shire. It also occured to me once in Elendilmir and the bugged appeared 2-3 times in the same day. It seems to happen more often in the swamp in Northwest Shire and also in Hobbiton. The bug always stopped once reaching a piece of land which had a higher altitude (hills, roofs e.t.c.) but occured again once trying to get down.

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    I Agree. All is normal above a certain elevation point. You can travel between lands, and I was even summoned to Angmar to help a friend. When I was there, in Malenhad, I was swimming above the land-surface again. A pretty wonderful sight, with all these small volcano's. Problem is that at some stables, or some houses/inns, are below the bug-surface, so you end up hanging helplessy on the ceiling or cannot travel to any location because you are continuously jumping.
    Also, death doesn't kill the bug, you will respawn in a respawn circle, and if that's below the elevation point, you will respawn 'flying'in the air again.
    Only quitting the game and restart it again, will kill the bug.
    I have no idea how this bug starts, although it has something to do when you leave a swimming emote (or not?).

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    Sounds like a dream state, or a near-death experience.

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    My burglar had the same flying bug on Moors. I decided to record it I didn't abuse it anyway or caused harm to any creeps.

    Happened to my reaver also couple days ago:
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    My burglar had the same flying bug on Moors. I decided to record it I didn't abuse it anyway or caused harm to any creeps.

    Very impressive movie Jureon. I come originally from the Gilrain server. Finally a bug you can cherish (if your are smart enough to go flying and take some pictures)!

    The secret fountain in Bree-town

    Areal Tour above Bree-town
    fountain in Bree-town
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    Wouldn't it be nice if we had a festival area where all these glitches and bugs which bring smiles to people faces could be experienced?

    Another bug I loved and miss is the one where you sat on a chair and when someone ran by you clicked follow and would be dragged around on the chair.

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    It is neither a glitch nor bug. Turbine is preparing for the introduction of the long awaited and quite controversial, Eagle Mounts. Testing, as we have all noticed, has been introduced over the past month or so over different landscapes etc. As anyone who has 'taken flight' already can attest, the height achieved appears quite acceptable for Eagle Mounts.


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    [QUOTE]Turbine is preparing for the introduction of the long awaited and quite controversial, Eagle Mounts. Testing, as we have all noticed, has been introduced over the past month[QUOTE]

    This is a HOAX



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