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    100% Experience Buff For A Month? No One Does 85 Stuff Now

    They all playing on low-level alts!

    Why not also add +50% loot (or something) in level 85 Instances as incentive to keep some people playing end-game.

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    won't see much difference, hardly anyone was playing endgame instances anymore anyway...
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    They'll be back with new 85 alts ready to farm Sambrog again later
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    Maybe not loot but how about marks and medallions acquisition, that's basically the only thing you can take over to HD anyways.
    Then again people have more than they will need probably anyways.
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    Yes it is lamentable. Our characters are, in relative terms, as strong as they will ever be since we actually have 1st ages and gold items but will not have these items at 95 since the raiders have convinced Turbine to restrict access to good loot (e.g. seals and plat medals will only be available in raids.). So if you have dreams of ever finishing certain raids (OD, BG etc) or even some of the tougher six man instances (Lost Temple, Suri Suma), now is the time to do it, since your character will be much weaker in relative terms at 95. Alas, everyone seems to be working on low level alts or in the Moors. What a waste. Why did we spend all that time getting those gold items if not to actually use them for something. So people are putting their gold item characters in storage until such time as they can divest themselves of the gold items. Great.

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    Or better yet just remove the 100% XP buff. There's no need for it.
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    I just got my first ever character to lvl 85, but I don't see the point in playing it with a lvl cap rise around the corner. Grinding rep and doing virtue deeds isn't fun and def no point working on LIs.

    More fun leveling a new alt and experience different gameplay, but without having to do the same old quests over again. With the XP boost I can cherry pick the quests and areas I want to do.



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