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Thread: Store Down

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    Store Down

    Store says it's down for service.

    So.... where does that leave those trying to get the last of last week's sales? SOL? It was there when I logged on, I got a few more needed TP, tried to click again and the Store screen came up blank, then the game locked up - when I rebooted, the Store was down.

    Just... tough luck? Or any chance the Lotro Sales folk extend last week's sale a bit (hours, a day) to account for that?

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    What's up with the store?

    I have been only able to get into the store irregularly over the last week. Sometimes I can. Most times I can't. I get the dreaded white Error page or I get in and then it tells me there was an error placing my order. I want to spend money. Please let me do so.
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    Store has not been working for me either - it's the white error page all the time. I am starting to get a mite annoyed, I have a newish alt that I would like to buy the riding skill for, but I can't. I'd also like to get her last years festival horse, but I can't buy it with no riding skill...
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