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    Skirmish Soldier Help

    What is the best Skirmish Soldier for the Captain Class?

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    imo, Herbalist. Either soloing or grouping, well especially when grouping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macisliz View Post
    What is the best Skirmish Soldier for the Captain Class?
    It depends. For faster soloing of easier skirms, warrior or archer seems best to me. I go with archer, because at least last time I used them warrior AI was more irritating, while archer just follows you and shoots. For harder soloing and/or grouping, can't go wrong with herbalist. Nothing wrong with leveling up 2 different lines if you have the marks, or trying one soldier and getting a skirmish mark reset if it goes bad though...

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    Nothing will go wrong with Herbalist.
    But since you would hardly do grouped skirmishes, go for the Archer. I started skirmishes on my Captain yesterday, went for the Archer, and woah, dat DPS. And he isn't as much like a sadist like the Warrior.
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    Thank you all for the replies, I did decide to do archer and it seems to be working out really well!

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    Personally I like the archer soldier, since it has a debuff that increases ranged damage done to mobs. If I'm soloing a skirm, I'll have both my Soldier Archer and my Herald Archer out together.

    I know a banner would probably give me more total damage, I just like having my own micro-army with me

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    Eh, I run sage/herbalist myself - because of the training overlap (both are tactical).
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