Hail and a Dark eve,

I have spent a long time seeking the proper online atmosphere to further practice my favorite Hobby, Roleplaying. I view it as much a Artform as Drawing, or Singing. With Practice, and passion we all find what we seek, a connection to our childhood imagintion.

Many friends and folks of my D&d ring and several gals from my Sailor Moon Ring recommended WoW, but honestly the Warcraft universe feels so much like Mcdonalds compared to say a Perkins. Frankly I would enjoy my Burger on a plate not in a paper wrapper.

Forgive me perhaps I have gotten off topic, in short and /rant aside, I am seeking a Roleplaying Clan. Or as I have read, Fellowship.

I am creating a new character, Bio/Profile wise for my venture into this game. Hobai Taintedfang. I have created the Character in game already, just waiting for patching and defrag. I have alot of hobby time to contribute and a deep passion for Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien works, who isnt eager to see the second Hobbit this winter?!

Any player advice for gameplay would be GREAT! As I am a bit new to this whole, online gaming thing. But as far as the Roleplaying side of things, seek me! Please! Thank you for your time.