Seven members of the LOTRO Players Council will be flying to Boston on Thursday October 31, 2013 for a day of meetings with the LOTRO team. We’ll be covering everything from community to localization and development plans to customer service issues. They’ll have time to sit with every team involved with the game during groups sessions and then they’ll have an opportunity to sit down with the team of their choice to see how the game is made and take part in even more detailed discussions with those teams. We’ll also be taking their feedback for ways to improve the Players Council for 2014.

The Council members who will be attending are:

  • Aestiliat
  • Delmore
  • Emyrselyf
  • Palentian
  • Runesi_EU
  • Visionseer
  • Zume

Of course we’ll be sharing photos and comments with the entire community throughout the day via our social media channels. We’re finishing up some of the details of their visit and ways the entire community can be involved, but for now please feel free to reach out to any of the council members and ask them to share your thoughts and concerns with us during their visit.