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    Stuttering Issue

    I have a stuttering issue with the game, and it is peculiar in that the game usually runs fine on a fresh install for one and rarely two starts, and then when I start the game for the second+ time, I will have stuttering issues and slow loading times. I really have no idea what could be causing this and I've never had an issue like this with games before, I've been trying various things to fix it, and I am still working on a solution but I thought I might post here to see if anyone else has had similar problems with a reasonable fix for them. The thing about it that gets me, is that the game is fine on a fresh install, and then a couple of starts later it begins to have the problems that I'm getting. Some people might be able to deal with this and just keep playing, but I myself need to have a flawless experience to actually enjoy the game, these stuttering events that happen are extremely obnoxious, especially when it doesn't do it on the first few start ups.

    Symptoms of Problem
    -Slower load times when issue is occurring.
    -Game has a stutter, not a lag, it will basically freeze for tiny amounts of time variously.
    -Sometimes in game interfaces will lag, such as NPC related dialogue and quests, and the map for example.
    -Occasionally when fighting, the game will severely stutter for up to 3-7 seconds.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Update 1: I really notice the stuttering when I interact with NPCs, the game will usually freeze for a good 4-5 seconds often when I open up an NPC interface.
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