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    New skill system in Helm's Deep and Legendary Books/Pages

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am a returning player. I played from Beta until Moria and am just recently back.

    Will the new trait/skill system do away with the existing legendary books and the grinding for pages that I remember so not fondly?


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    Nothing that I have seen officially has said that the old class quests/book pages are going away. What has been said is that what those quests grant will change into skill/talent tree points for your specialization. Let me see if I can find the post.

    Here we go: Q7: Cloudfan174: with the class traits becoming skill trees, what will be happening to racial traits and virtues, and will legendary class traits also become part of the skill trees?
    A7: HoarseDev: Racial traits and virtues will not be fundamentally changed. Legendary class traits are part of the tree system now.

    Q8: Cheery: How does the new Trait Tree methodology affect lower level characters class quests and deeds (for example finding pages and reaching kin with Moria Guards)?
    A8: HoarseDev: Existing quest lines that granted traits will now grant trait points to spend as you wish. If you completed these previously, in u12 you will automatically get credit under the new system.

    From the 20 questions supersized to 40 discussion thread.
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