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    Massively Press Preview on Class Revamps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Massively article
    If you're one of the players who thought your class played just fine and you liked it, you're not alone. The classes weren't broken, the devs said, but they were bloated
    "Bloat"... I hate that word.
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    Just saying Fitty, your Signature makes my day
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    While we won't see a full list of all of the changes until the expansion releases, the devs have acknowledged that players are hungry for information on the new system and are hoping that this tour will help settle some of those fears.

    Nope, and that effectively torpedoes any chance of a pre-order from me at least.

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    There is a good reason the Devs are having sleepless night. It would seem a train wreck is headed our way. So sad to keep revamping such a wonderful game. People want content ,raids and other group runs. Not a new game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jparker View Post
    People want content ,raids and other group runs. Not a new game.
    Other people also want character progression. Other people might not care at all about raids and group runs.
    Character progression is something that was just hidden in an LI grind the last couple of extensions besides a few new skills and improved skills.

    I have no idea whether the trees will be good or bad.
    I understand that the devs are worried as am I - I left MMOs because of class changes and I guess I am not alone.
    That is the fear the devs have. If they do a good job with it then their fears will not come true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jparker View Post
    People want content ,raids and other group runs.
    Content, yes. Story, yes. New features... yes. And at least short term, I expect the class revamps will get me to pull out various characters I haven't played in years now. Long term... no idea.

    As for raids and group runs, obviously some people want those. To me, they're almost completely irrelevant. I might run an "Epic Battle" with 1-2 friends now and again, but that's it.




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