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    Your opinion on players who play both sides

    And i don't mean switchers, who every half an hour play different side.
    Yes i am altoholic and i want try pvp with every class...

    I have warden r11, burg r8, minstrel r7, hunter r6, champ r6, lm r5, capt r5, + reaver r8, warg r7, wl r6, defiler r6

    According to my actual mood i play creep or freep or when one side has clearly upper hand (all map is one colored, camping main base) - so i switch to other side, or when action on one side is pretty dead...

    Some people are just mad about it (mainly pure creeps), and call us traitors etc ...

    It is just a game !!

    What do you think about it?

    Commander Liliam - the Warden

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    Doesnt really bother me, my only gripe is when either side are getting farmed at GV or Grams and the losing side freep/creep relog to maximize from it. Thats pretty ######.

    I prefer creep atm though, not played captain in ettens for ages.
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    Personally i don't see anything wrong, playing both sides. I would do it, if i had my freep/s here.
    Switching to the "winning side" is lame, by this i mean zergs/grams/gv/gy farms.

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    I think you'll find the consensus is going to be that playing both sides is fine unless you're switching to always be on the winning side, which most of us will agree is lame. It is just a game, but there are some very vocal components who take it a little too seriously, quite frankly in most cases they're also just little zerglings and pay2winners who are as lame as the switchers in the way they play anyway.

    I'm out there for fun and a challenge and I'll do it on whatever toon gives me that. I hear the same BS and hypocrisy from both sides, I really just see us all as *reeps these days.
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    Perhaps it's lame to switch to the winners, or suddenly to the class that is currently in favour but I wouldn't give a dam about it. Obviously some may relog to their op toons whether to annoy others or to get their revenge (after being killed or ganked perhaps?) but again, it doesn't really harm me anyhow. And after all with this short cd on side switching what do you really expect?
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    It does bother me for simple basic moral reasons. If you log a freep and jump on people u played and had fun with on the creep side 30-60 minutes ago/2hrs/1day , what s the point in that? I love the dark side and i like seeing the blood of freeps flowing. And I do my best not cooperating with switchers. Because playing on both sides during the same period is being a SWITCHER. Basta.
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