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    Exclamation Stuck in retake weathertop(solo)

    I'm at the end and I've killed all the minions but there seems to be an invisable one. I hear growling but there is nothing tracklable and according to the game I haven't killed all the minions. So I'm stuck in the instance. Tried loggin out but that didn't help. So now what?

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    Re: Stuck in retake weathertop(solo)

    Sometimes the troll at the very end doesn't get out of his cage. It sounds like this happened to you.

    If you're a VIP or recent premium purchase, you can create a new ticket and a GM can let the troll out for you. (It may take a long time for a GM to respond.)

    Althernatively, you can open your quest log and cancel the quest. Or right click on your portrait and choose "Leave Instance." (I'm not sure if just leaving will work.)

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    Re: Stuck in retake weathertop(solo)

    I too experienced this bug on my RK....I'm not sure, but as I was doing it solo, and had the buff that makes you a small demi-god, I'm pretty sure I killed the main Bad Guy before he had a chance to open the troll's cage.

    Right clicked, chose leave instance, and restarted.

    Second time around, I slowed my DPS, mainly concentrating on the adds, while tossing fewer of my fire DoTs on the head honcho, and let him get to the Troll's cage, and sure enough, I had a Bad Guy with 1% health, and one, very angry Troll to deal with.

    Mopped up, and called it a day.
    I don't know if that helps, but I think while solo, with that buff you receive (especially if you're a tad bit over the epic's level for the quest), I think its very possible to kill him "too" fast.

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    Re: Stuck in retake weathertop(solo)

    I had the same problem of killing him "too fast" as well.

    I found if I just ran outside the circle at the summit of Weathertop (back to where I left Candaith), the whole fight reset and I was able to complete it the second time (without redoing the whole instance).

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    Re: Stuck in retake weathertop(solo)

    This happened to me yesterday. Like Laguna, I simply ran back to Candath an reset the instance. When I went back in, we concentrated on the adds and didn't burn the boss down quite as fast. Troll came out, we cleaned both of their clocks and out we went. Try just running back to Candath to reset. It beats having to fight your way back up the mountain or waiting around for a GM to answer.
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    Work Around

    I was stuck here too, what I did was; climb up on the rocks to the right side of the gate that I was stuck at, jump to the side of the barrel a kind of smooth cream colour surface and then jump towards that barrel and it hopped me over then you can complete the quest without having to restart the instance. Hope this helps. Peace and Love



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